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20 Degree Cooling Deepblueair

It’s no secret that scorching temperatures during the summer can put stress on your HVAC system – and that’s because your air conditioner simply isn’t designed to manage 95 degree heat.

Just because your system isn’t designed to keep up with such heat doesn’t mean that you can’t feel frustrated about it. We know very well that our customers get fed up with their air conditioners, because we frequently receive calls from homeowners that don’t understand why their AC can’t keep up with sweltering Florida temperatures.

The good news is that, even though it’s frustrating to feel overheated, there’s most likely nothing wrong with your system. As we said, AC systems are just not designed for extreme temperatures like the ones we experience.

You may notice that your AC cools your home at a consistent 77 degrees even though you set it for 71. This may seem odd, but it’s important to note that when the outside temperature is above average, your indoor temperature will likely remain above average as well.

Maximum Cooling

The most that your AC can do is to cool your home 20 degrees lower than the temperature outside. So, because high 80s to low 90s is so common in Southwest Florida, when your AC is cooling your house to anything below 80, it’s technically doing what it’s supposed to.

Cooling Your Home

Of course, there’s no controlling the temperature outside – even on days that you wish you could. But there are a few things you can do to keep your home as cool as you possibly can on scorching days.

You can:

  • Close your blinds during the day when the sun is highest
  • Run the dishwasher, washing machine/dryer, or other household machinery when it’s cooler
  • Refrain from turning on the stove/oven – instead, grill out
  • Give your AC a rest by setting your thermostat higher
  • Change the air filter of your AC
  • Clean up shrubs/debris that may be impeding your outdoor AC unit
  • Hose down your AC condenser
  • Keep your vents open

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner is a machine that needs to be maintained in the same way that your car and your lawn mower do. To cut down on the number of service calls you make in the summer and to prevent emergencies, keep up on regular maintenance.

Deep Blue Air can help you with air conditioner maintenance by coming to your residence to clean and/or check your system. While our maintenance may not exactly make it cooler inside your home, it will prevent your system from breaking down due to being overworked.

Preventative maintenance is the best choice you can make for your air conditioning system to keep it running efficiently. It also makes you one of our preferred clients, which means you will not be charged after-hours service charges!

Contact Deep Blue Air today to schedule your AC maintenance appointment. We are the best choice for Cape Coral AC repair.

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